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In order to take our 20 years pastry experience one
                                                                 step further, we established our first frozen desserts
                                                                 production facility in İzmit Kartepe in 2012.

                                                                 We are leading the sector for the development of
                                                                 innovative products through our high technology and
                                                                 our own production facilities spreading out in 10.000
                                                                 m2  closed area.

                                                                 Having the ability to collect both industrial produc-
                                                                 tion and boutique production under one roof, we
                                                                 produce the world’s most delicious pastries using the
                                                                 best quality raw materials.

                                                                 We combine our professional approach and knowl-
                                                                 edge with our passion and always aim to offer the
                                                                 best products to our customers.

                                                                 With our experience in frozen pastry, we deliver our
                                                                 products all over the world.

                                                                 A star is born from Turkey!...
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